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Shrek is happy living in his swamp, until one day some villagers come to attack him. He scares them away, meanwhile a talking donkey is going to be sold, but escaped and meets Shrek. Donkey is frightened of Shrek at first. Shrek scares the knights away, and Donkey believes that Shrek saved his life on purpose, so he keeps following Shrek. Shrek is annoyed as he's not used to having any living being near him, so he tells Donkey to leave. Later, Lord Farquaad has forced fairy tale creatures to live on Shrek's land. They tell Shrek about this, then Shrek promises he'll go to find Lord Farquaad and tell him to get them out of his swamp. Farquaad then sends Shrek on a quest to rescue Fiona. The dragon falls in love with Donkey, and Shrek, Fiona and Donkey escape. On the way back to Farquaad's place, Shrek and Fiona fall in love. Fiona has a curse she doesn't let them know about where she turns into an ogre every night. She doesn't want to marry Shrek because she knows if she does, she'll be cursed forever. Donkey finally sees her as an ogre, so she explains her curse to him. Shrek is going to give her a flower to finally confess his love to her, but then overhears her saying "This hideous ugly beast! That's why I have to marry my one and true love, Lord Farquaad." and Shrek thinks she means him when she said hideous ugly beast, so Shrek gets sad and leaves, leaving the flower on the doorstep. The next morning Farquaad comes to get Fiona for the wedding. Donkey tells him she wasn't talking about him, then he whistles for Dragon and she gets them to the wedding. Shrek stops the wedding and Fiona realizes she is his true love. She then reveals to everyone that she's an ogre.

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