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The question some people might of been asking after the movie "puss in boots" was is kitty and puss have a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship after the movie. You might get the message yes from seeing the kiss at the end of the movie (some people didn't because they left before the credits.) the other evidence was people asking after shrek 2 about puss s past,and one of the questions was does puss have a girlfriend. The movie awnsered those questions so that means kitty must be his girlfriend because she is in love for sure ( she mentioned it.) and puss really looks like it and one meaning of a kiss is love (some idiot might be reading this sorry but it's true.) and they both shared the kiss so they love each other. Now some people might be wondering about was she in shrek 2 we'll there are cats in the movie (you couldn't see there face so you have to guess.) that looked like her they have black fur and, it looks like they have a mask on remember at the start of the movie kitty wore a black mask? These two scenes were when donkey and puss were sing livin da vida loca, and puss said that girl is going to make me fall (then to points to her.) another time she was in a scene was when puss was in the poisoned apple and kitty was in the background eating something. Now about the flirting simply puss can't help it,but he loves kitty.

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