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When I was 7, I was abused by my Uncle Randy. I was traumatised for life when this event occurred. I began to cut myself when it happened again at age 11. These sexual assaults escalated into full rape when I was 14. He began to brutally rape me every day. I started to bleed every time it happened. As the traumatising weeks went by, I had lost so much blood that I was close to death. The doctors said that his enormous, girthy shlong being thrusted into every hole in my body on a daily basis only made my condition worse. When I got out of the hospital in my mid teens, Uncle Randy went right back at it, boning me with his monstrous penis multiple times a day. The older I got, the more I began to enjoy it. We are now happily married with 47 unhealthy/autistic children. Although my husband and I regularly beat our children, we have become a very happy family. :)

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