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Well we should look at this intuitively. Firstly, if one has in fact seen the film, Shrek, they will have certainly seen the character Shrek inflate a frog only using his breath. This action is carried out much like one inflating a balloon. However, when one steps back and uses objective reasoning, the field of amphibian biology comes to mind. Any educated scholar of the frog's anatomy will know that the frog possesses a cloaca, or an orifice out of which the frog projects all bodily fluids, eggs, etc. Now, using this knowledge, let us think back to the way the frog's inflation is portrayed in the aforementioned critically acclaimed animated feature, Shrek. Would it not stand to reason that, when the ogre, Shrek, with all the force of his superhuman breath (displayed earlier in the film by his powerful belch) blew air into the body of a frog, the poor creature would not inflate but instead have all of its innards simply blown out the cloaca? While it would inhumane and immoral to test this theory, I believe this is the truth. So let us now open up the film to a new era of questioning and reason, wherein its contents are subject to criticism and interpretation. I think that now, with this fatal folly having been exposed, the world will see the film for what it truly is: A sad sack of ogre-funded lies perpetuating the peaceful coexistence of humans and ogres. I for one dream of a world in which the segregation of ogres and humans is final and absolute. This will ensure a safer world for our children and grandchildren. Let us end the reign of terror that exists every time our kids leave our homes, leaving us to wonder whether they too will be inflated by an ogre.

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