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Yes, named Kitty Softpaws When did this happen? Well during the movie puss in boots kitty softpaws was the deutrogonist she was working for Humpty Dumpty. She stole puss' heart, but at first they were bickering rivals,but later they bonded and became friends.( uh oh friend zone) once humptys plan worked and puss was in jail kitty found that she was in love with him and helped him escape,also telling him she loves him. In the end of the movie they kiss (lips of course) which makes them in a girlfriend boyfriend relationship. Some extra stuff to help is if you get the double pack you can see kitty and puss and the diablos, that looks like a little cat family. Also they did not break up because there is no proof also they loved each other. She might not be in the shrek movies but he can still make time for her.

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