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Shrek farting in a pond.

Yes, Shrek takes off all of his clothes (so the smell from his butt can move around), he leaps into his pond, naked, (with his butt to the camera) after sitting there for a few seconds Shrek turns around, brings his fists to his chest, grits his yellow teeth and relieves himself, farting an immense, foul, disgusting fart. As the gassy bubbles pop behind his huge, fat, smelly ogre butt, he lets out a relieving sigh of relief and jokingly tries to act innocent by putting on a naked smile, as the gas-choked fish die Shrek turns (his buttcrack and a bubble behind it show up) reaches for it and takes it. Shrek then jumps out (still naked) and farts loudly outside of the pond, causing a fly passing his butt to die, a bird overhead to choke on his flatulence and fall, and a few sunflowers to rot. Shrek grinned as the wildlife choked and reacted negatively, he was so happy that he even jumped in his pond and gave a greater fart, making the water murky and killing everything in it. He then pees in it (for no purpose other than relief), before leaving.

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